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Decorative Oatmeal box

Trace the lid on colored or decorative paper.
Double Stick the flowers together and place in the middle of the lid.
Poke the ribbon through the middle of the flower with "Mrs. Grossman's," amazing tweezersPull the ribbon through the lid and tie a knot. That way you won't be able to pull the ribbon out.

Decorated Oatmeal Container

Fill the Decorated Oatmeal container with BIG cookies.
Lid 1 no ribbon~ kind of boring! Lid 2 This is the lid with the ribbon.


Time Capsule

I used an OATMEAL box to make this Time Capsule! I usually make jumbo cookies to put in the decorative box. I will post instructions later.


Decorated tins for cookies or cupcakes

After putting glue on the lid place cupcake on top.
Place the can over the cupcake and place a heavy item on top till glue is dry.

Finish wrapping the decorative paper around the tin can and decorate how ever you want!

Now you are finish! These are a perfect gift for Teachers, neighbors, friends, relatives, bosses, co-workers, customers, or anyone you just want to feel SPECIAL!


The World's most popular vanilla.

Nielsenmassey Vanilla
I went to 4 sites to compare the prize of Madagascar Vanilla and the winner is,
"The City Pantry."

Cake Doctor Combo

Here are some jello/pudding cake mix combinations.

Chocolate Cake - Raspberry Jello *** add mini choc. chips
Lemon Cake -      Lime Jello  I call this key lime pie
Carrot Cake -      Cheesecake or Vanilla Pudding
White Cake -       Cheesecake, white chocolate or Vanilla Pudding
Spice Cake -        Cheesecake or Vanilla Pudding  *** if you want to add a can of tomato soup to this combination reduce water 1/3 cup.  Tomato Soup cake with cream cheese frosting is my husbands favorite.

Follow the cake recipe and just add a 3 oz. package (small box) of jello or pudding to the mix.

I want to try Strawberry cake with Strawberry Jello soon. If you happen to try it or have already tried it, let me know how it taste!!



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