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Cake Doctor Combo

Here are some jello/pudding cake mix combinations.

Chocolate Cake - Raspberry Jello *** add mini choc. chips
Lemon Cake -      Lime Jello  I call this key lime pie
Carrot Cake -      Cheesecake or Vanilla Pudding
White Cake -       Cheesecake, white chocolate or Vanilla Pudding
Spice Cake -        Cheesecake or Vanilla Pudding  *** if you want to add a can of tomato soup to this combination reduce water 1/3 cup.  Tomato Soup cake with cream cheese frosting is my husbands favorite.

Follow the cake recipe and just add a 3 oz. package (small box) of jello or pudding to the mix.

I want to try Strawberry cake with Strawberry Jello soon. If you happen to try it or have already tried it, let me know how it taste!!

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