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Apple Boat


1.  Apples
2.  Berries
3  Chocolate syrup optional
Cut apple in half, hollow out the center.  Fill with berries.  It is that easy  You can change berries and add different fruit. 

I had snack day the day before Halloween so I wanted to make it FUN! I thought about Fruit kabobs (been there~done that). I wanted something different and new. Well, apples were on sale so I knew whatever I created would have APPLES in the recipe. I decide to scoop out the center of the apple, then coated the apple with lemon juice so it didn't turn brown and but berries in it.
How simple!

Well, I worked hard and hoped my apples didn't go unnoticed. The first thing my husband said,"why did you do that?" No one is going to like them, you should have just sliced the apples. (OUCH) Kick me in the knee's why don't you? Now, I feel embarrassed to pass out my snacks. The coach calls out snacks and I start passing them out and BOY~ the kids and coaches were so happy to see my snacks. The one coach kept randomly screaming "APPLE BOATS." So, now I am happy and know that this team will get some of my cupcakes for the Team Party.

I made one SWEET FRUIT BOWL~ chocolate syrup and powdered sugar. YUM YUM


Chili Lime Cupcake

My dear friend Suzanne recently gave me a couple Chocolate bars, I was so excited because it has two of my favorite ingredients CHILI and LIME. Yum~ I knew I had to make cupcakes!!! So I just made my favorite chocolate cupcakes and added the chopped up chocolate bar. WOW~ You could really taste the chili and lime. I liked it but didn't love it, my husband loved it and my friend thought it was too spicy. I topped the cupcakes with Martha Stewarts Dark Chocolate frosting (love it!) and grated chocolate from the chocolate bar.

Chili and Lime Dark Chocolate bar


Monster Cookies

These cookies bring back some of my favorite childhood memories. My aunt sent them to us in the mail a couple times and I remember feeling like we had just won the lottery. So, if you have some extra time and want to make somebody feel extra special, make these cookies and shipped them off today or tomorrow.


1 dozen eggs
2 Cups (4sticks) margarine or butter, softened
2 pounds brown sugar
4 cups sugar
1/4 Cup vanilla extract

4(12oz) jars peanut butter
8 teaspoon baking soda
18 Cups quick-cooking oats
2 2/3 Cups chocolate chips
1 pound chopped pecans or walnuts (optional)
1 pound M&M's chocolate candies

I skipped the nuts this batch and added some CRUSHED Oreo's cookies.

Spice Out with Ginger, Clove and Poppy



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