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Time Capsule

I used an OATMEAL box to make this Time Capsule! I usually make jumbo cookies to put in the decorative box. I will post instructions later.


  1. Do you ever stop. Now I have to go buy some oatmeal and I still havent finished the pineapple from the birthday can. I think I am addicted to your blog. (not in a stalker kind of way!) You just have great ideas.

  2. When I went to your blog, I felt like I was at home! :) Did you know I also have a flickr group called "Anything Crafty?" Oh! I made these awesome MONSTER COOKIES last year and put them in the oatmeal container for a 8 year boy. The container was so cool! I spray painted the box black and a little blue, then graffitti the boys name on the box.
    It reminded me of something you would see on a SKATEBOARD PARK. Thanks for all the kind words!

  3. I just love the time capsule idea!!! Rhonda made this one for my daughters (her nieces) first Bday!! I love it!!! Best gift ever and Jaylee will just love all the fun memories that will go with it!!!!




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