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Baking in the Kitchen with Sassy

I had the best time decorating these cupcakes with Sassy. She was eager to help and couldn't wait to learn as much as possible. I thought the Cupcake Flower Pot would be the perfect project to do with her because it is fun, cute and easy.
I got the idea for these cupcakes from Rhee from the Pioneer Woman's Blog.
I used a cupcake instead of icecream and it worked great. I will definately make these again and next time I will try pudding.

I wanted her to have some cupcakes to share with her family, so I created a cupcake bouquet by gluing the Cupcake Wraps onto a decorated cardboard circle. Then, to prevent the frosting from smearing on the cellophane bag I put a Pick in the center of the arrangement. It worked out perfect.
It was a great way to package cupcakes, nothing is better than a cupcake bouquet.

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