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Cupcake in a decorative tin

You can put anything you want in these tins but a Cupcake is always a nice surprise.

Don't open this can! You want to turn it upside down. Remember it should be the bottom side.
Wash can really good, and take the label off.

Make sure the can is dried out before you fill it with cookies, candies or even a cupcake.
This can of mandarin oranges measures 9 inches by 3 inches.

Use this glue or a glue gun to glue the lid back on.
Put the glue on the outter rim of the lid.
O. K. picture not the right direction (so, Rhonda) Put weight on top of can while the glue dries or hold it tightly.
Love this double-sided tape! It is the best MUST GET NOW~ If you don't already own it.

Oh! Very important~ decorate the can before you put cupcake in it!

Thanks for visiting ObsessedWithCupcakes,Rhonda

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