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Billy's Vanilla Vanilla

I've been very interested in the recipe for some time now and I finally got to make it today! I've read some reviews mostly good but some negative ones as well. The not so good ones were mostly about the cupcakes being dry and some were reviewed that the centers in the cupcakes were sunken.

I followed the recipe and was very pleased with the results. I can't imagine them being dry with 2 sticks of butter. MOVE OVER PAULA DEEN! The only thing I can think of that would have caused the sunken centers is overfilling the liners. Or maybe a little tap of the oven caused them to fall.

Overall this was a yummy and easy recipe! BUT I'm interested what would happen if you substituted regular flour for cake flour??


  1. Great Job Jill! They look delicious and so does the frosting! Would this be your keeper?

  2. It would be a keeper if I didn't have to hunt down the cake flour. When I get another free minute I might try them again with just plain flour.

    Thanks Rhonda!

  3. Good to know!!! When I get settled I can try the recipe with regular flour. I will find out what the difference it and try to do some experimenting. I love your cupcake with the flower standing on it, that was so cool!




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