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Thursday Tips

Gumpaste or Fondant
(That is the Question)

I have read a lot of other peoples opinions and this is what most of them think. GUMPASTE ~ It's stronger, lasts longer, and rolls out better than fondant. The trick is adding a little white vegetable fat when kneading, that helps prevent some of the cracking. Make sure you add the color and knead it in before adding the vegetable fat. I got this tip from Kylie Lambert and I trust anything she says about GUMPASTE. She also suggests storing them correctly so they last longer. A dry place not humid. Some people have had problem with the color taking when they add vegetable fat but Kylie hasn't experienced this problem.
If you love cupcakes you know Kylie Lambert of Australia. She has inspired so many people and her cakes/cupcake will continue to inspire people for years to come. Her cupcakes are fun, beautiful, elegant, playful, cute, original, creative, amazing and the list goes on. She is always willing to help and share with other cupcake designers. So, A BIG thanks to Kylie for letting me start off my new "Thursday Tips," with advice from her. You have to check out Kylie's flickr site, if you want to see STUNNING cupcakes.

Farm Cake

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