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Decorative Oatmeal box

Trace the lid on colored or decorative paper.
Double Stick the flowers together and place in the middle of the lid.
Poke the ribbon through the middle of the flower with "Mrs. Grossman's," amazing tweezersPull the ribbon through the lid and tie a knot. That way you won't be able to pull the ribbon out.


  1. I'm the Marketing Director at Mrs. Grossman's and we love to see how people are using our products - and we agree, our tweezers are the best!

    You might also like to check out the completely cute stickers in collaboration with celebrity chef Duff Goldman and the crew Charm City Cakes! They're great for all kinds of projects - you can check them out here:

    Click on “What’s New”


    -Lara Starr
    Marketing Director
    Mrs. Grossman's

  2. I have been to Mrs. Grossman's in Petaluma and love it!!!!! Mrs. Grossman has the best STICKERS and photo albums. But I will say, the tweezers are a MUST HAVE item. I didn't get them for a couple years and wish I haven't waited so long. They make everything so much easier. Thanks for checking out my blog Lara and look for more Mrs. Grossman in the future.





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